DASP modules

DASP modules are the key building blocks of a simulation. These can be connected together graphically using daspsetup.py, automatically using daspbuilder.py, or manually in a text editor. daspbuilder.py creates an xml file which can be loaded into daspsetup.py. Both daspbuilder.py and daspsetup.py create a python simulation file, which can then be executed.

Key simulation modules

Phase screens

Generate translating atmospheric phase screens with Von Karman statistics.

Pupil phase

Generate the phase at the telescope pupil for a given direction and a given wavelength.

Zonal DM

A DM surface for a given direction (if not ground conjugate) and given wavelength. Represented by an actuator map with interpolation (various options) between the actuators.


A SHS WFS. Input is phase, output are slope measurements. In between, full Fourier propagation, noise, centroiding etc.

Pyramid WFS

A Pyramid WFS. Input is phase, output are slopes. Modulation and noise sources are included.

Wide field SHS WFS (solar)

A SHS WFS suitable for solar AO modelling. Anisoplanatic effects are evident. Input is the phase screens and DM surfaces, output are the slopes.


A wavefront reconstruction module, suitable for SCAO and tomographic reconstruction. Inputs are the wavefront sensor measurements, outputs are the DM values.

Science PSF generation

A science PSF module. Input is the phase at the pupil, at a specified wavelength (and for a specified direction). A Fourier propagation is then performed to give a noiseless PSF. Analysis to get Strehl, ensquared energy, FWHM, etc are then performed.

This module can also perform lucky imaging.

Physical (Fresnel) propagation

A module for physical propagation of light through the atmosphere to the telescope pupil.

Other simulation modules

Not widely used, and may or may not work.